What's Bugg'n You?

Exterior Treatment

Outdoor protection from spiders, ants, and beetles. Wasp nest prevention. 


Interior Treatment

Indoor prevention and treatment from ants, flies, spiders and more. 

Wildlife Control

Control of squirrels, raccoons, and more. 

Bed Bug Treatment

Inspection and control of bed bug infestations in your home. 

Rodent Control

Control of mice, rats, and more. 

This rodent season receive a FREE Inspection when you book Rodent Control for mice. Allow us to not only treat the problem, but help you prevent it in the future by helping you locate the entry points. Seal the entry points yourself, or allow us - FREE quote provided during the inspection. 

$325.00 for Belleville area - please contact for a quote if you live outside Belleville. Price includes: Rodent treatment for mice only - please inquire about for control of rats and other rodents, FREE entry point inspection, 30-day follow-up appointment, and a 90-day warranty.