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Proudly Serving the Bay of Quinte and Beyond for Over 10 Years

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+Three Exterior Treatments

+One Interior Treatment

+Six-Month Mice Free Guarantee

+Rat Prevention

Pest Core Solutions provides a comprehensive range of pest control services, with a focus on prevention and long-term solutions. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to keeping your home, cottage, or trailer free from pests.

Pest Core Solutions is a locally owned, family-run business operating in Belleville, ON, and has been serving the Bay of Quinte and beyond for over ten years. We believe in supporting local and shopping small!

At Pest Core Solutions, we practise Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a safe and economical strategy used to reduce the impact pest infestations and pest control can have on people and the environment. By implementing preventative measures and routinely monitoring, we are able to reduce chemical usage, prevent operation disruptions, and gain control of pest issues quickly and effectively. 

We are pleased to serve Kingston to Bowmanville and everywhere in between, with services throughout Prince Edward County and as far north as Coe Hill. 

Pest prevention reduces chemical usage, damage, and costs associated with infestations. As a solution, Pest Core Solutions has tailored programs using Integrated Pest Management methods in order to prevent and protect your home or business from these unwanted infestations. 

We are proud to have won various awards for our commitment to customer service and quality of work while serving the communities we call home.

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