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Time of Service is an estimate and is not guaranteed. You will be contacted prior to your service date with an estimated time slot. We will attempt to book you based on your morning or afternoon selection; however, this is not guaranteed as the technicians schedule will depend on his various service locations that day.

To cancel or reschedule your service, please give us at least 48 hours notice. No cancellations fees will be charged. Cancellations outside of this time frame will result in a $95+ Service Call Fee.

If you have booked an Interior Treatment, please note the following:

  • No one, including pets, is permitted inside the home or cottage during the service, and it is a recommended that no one reenter the property for the four hours following the service. 

  • If able, please pull beds, dressers, shelving, etc. away from the wall.

If you have booked an Exterior Treatment or are registered for the Exterior Pest Program please note the following:

  • All pet toys, wildlife feeders, bird baths must be covered or brought inside. 

  • All windows must be closed.

  • All air conditioning units must be switched off.

  • Please tilt or turn patio furniture upside down if you like the technician to spray underneath (common problem area).

All prices provided prior to service are a quote, and can vary due to square footage, dense shrubbery, distance. Please give as much detail when requesting a quote, so we can provide the most accurate estimate. Price will be confirmed once your technician has inspected your property. We accept payment by credit card, e-transfer, cash and cheque. Payment can be accepted following service. 

Our 30-Day Pest Free Guarantee applies to all Interior and Exterior treatments. If you notice your pest problem continues, please contact us within 30 days of service and we will return to retreat your home and further inspect. 

Inclement weather may result in your service being rescheduled last minute. Since rain can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, we will reschedule appointments if there is expected heavy rainfall. We will do our best to reschedule as soon as we know; however, you may not be contacted until the day of service. 

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